Model TR500 Terminating Machine

With industry-leading processing capability and less space requirement, the ShinMaywa TR500 series machines improve productivity and reduce processing cost.

Both-ends crimping machine with both-ends seal insertion unit TRD510WPA
The TR500 series has achieved the top-class maximum processing capacity of 6,000 pieces/hour as the single-wire crimping system that can use any genuine applicator of respective companies (compared to our company’s products).
This machine is provided with a newly developed system consisting of “S axis and Y axis” mechanism in the feed unit.
The latest controllers and servo motors have achieved high-speed and high accuracy crimping, which has significantly increased the processing capacity.
The newly belt feed designed mechanism unit allows delicate wires to be fed at high-speed.
In addition, the feedback correction control increased the cut length accuracy and stability using an encoder.
By reducing path line wire inlets to 50% from previous equipment, the setup time has reduced significantly.
This machine achieves high-speed performance, high durability, easy maintenance and very friendly software.

The TR500 is equipped with various options using high technical capabilities.
ShinMaywa Industries proposes best suited products for the ever-developing market.

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